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    Max 7 volumes per node - Will it ever change?

    Hello, My company is using Digital Ocean for a magnitude of services, and Kubernetes is one of them. For us, the limitation of max 7 volumes per node is very limiting. Is it in the planning to increase this hard limi...
    1 By jehansstorvik Kubernetes Block Storage Needs Product Answer DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
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    How to set volume name on Helm install in Kubernetes DO-block storage

    Hello, I am using Helm to manage installing new services in Kubernetes. I am using DO-block storage, and when I install a new site I automatically create a RWO volume to my pod to attach to. I cannot however for the...
    1 By jehansstorvik Kubernetes Docker DigitalOcean Volumes
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    How to improve NFS Kubernetes Write Performance

    I am also wondering about this question. Followed the same manual as you, but I get very slow reads, and writes. My usecase is ho…
    By jehansstorvik