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    Configure Ubuntu 16.04 with LEMP to send emails for multiple websites

    I am trying to configure my droplet running Ubuntu 16.04 with LEMP stack to send emails for the websites that I host for things like user registration, order status, etc. I host several different and unrelated website...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @joecasanova You need to set the From and MAILFROM - you can do that from Nginx or PHP. In Nginx you would add the following line to you location: location ~ \.php$ { fastcgi_param PHP_VALUE 'sendmail_from=mail...
    1 By joecasanova Email PHP Nginx Ubuntu 16.04
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    Postfix gets email kicked back from external email servers

    I've configured postfix on my Ubuntu 16.04 server that is running a LEMP stack. My websites are sending the email to the postfix daemon which is attempting to deliver to the remote servers. My /var/log/mail.log is fu...
    1 By joecasanova Email Nginx PHP Ubuntu 16.04