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    How to make a request from a different IP?

    There we go, a proxy is what I’m trying to use. And yes, as I mentioned, I use Node. Thanks!
    By JohnRivs
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    How to make a request from a different IP?

    I have a droplet running an app that needs to make requests to an external API. I want this droplet to be able to make requests using a different IP. Someone suggested buying a droplet, turning it off and using its IP...
    Accepted Answer: Unfortunately, that would be considered IP spoofing and isn't really ever needed in normal technical operations. That being said, it would be possible to send requests to an external API with a different IP address wi...
    2 By JohnRivs Nginx Ubuntu
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    2 small droplets vs. 1 big one.

    In a situation where a $5 droplet is not enough: what are the benefits of having 2 $5 droplets and split the load vs. 1 $10 droplet?
    Accepted Answer: Hi. Well there are no "real answer", no one can say this is better or no with sure. In cases $10 Droplet vs. 2x $5 Droplet, I would go with $10 Droplet always. Depending on your application needs 512 MB RAM could be s...
    2 By JohnRivs Scaling Server Optimization Load Balancing High Availability Ubuntu
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    How many cores do I actually have? (nginx worker_processes related)

    Most of the nginx optimization guides say you should set worker_processes equal to how many CPUs you have. The thing is, when I do lscpu I see CPU(s): 1 (512mb droplet), however, when I do cat /proc/cpuinfo I see that...
    1 By JohnRivs Server Optimization Nginx Ubuntu
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    Do you really need to spin up a whole droplet for a single thing like...

    I see tutorials here on digitalocean about things like load balancing for example, and I always see how they set up a droplet just for a single nginx load balancer or something "small". Is it just for the sake of the...
    1 By JohnRivs DigitalOcean Load Balancing Nginx Ubuntu