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    Apache alternate between default page and home page

    I have droplet running Ubuntu 16.04 and LAMP stack I have 3 sites enabled: one at /var/www/html (default apache config) two at /var/www/others/SITE/public_html My sites are showing well, but one of then sometimes show...
    2 By JonathanBatista Apache Ubuntu 16.04
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    Can't acess my site through url, only by ip

    How! The problem was WORDPRESS! I don’t know why but Wordpress configurations was pointing to my ip instead of my domain It is…
    By JonathanBatista
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    Can't acess my site through url, only by ip

    I have a brand new Digital Ocean (DO) running Ubuntu 16.04 (this was a Ubuntu 16.04 with LAMP). I've installed Wordpress on it using the default configuration. It's been 3 days since my DNS are pointing to DO servers,...
    Accepted Answer: What's the value of WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL when you look here?
    4 By JonathanBatista Apache DNS Ubuntu 16.04