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    Trouble with ssh and new CentOS droplet

    I created a new CentOS droplet using the option to use existing ssh keys from existing droplets. I've been unable to remotely access the droplet except with the DO console. There were two keys in the authorized keys f...
    1 By jonsidener CentOS
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    Can I configure an email server such as Postfix to run two domains housed on the same droplet?

    I'm looking into setting up Postfix or something similar. Can one instance of Postfix serve two domains? Is there any reason not to do that? Also, I'm interested in feedback on Postfix and any alternatives. Thanks.
    1 By jonsidener Email
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    Domains only working with www

    I’m not certain, but I think I’ve found the problem. I think that: A) There was a problem. B) Chrome cached the problem. C) Afte…
    By jonsidener
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    Domains only working with www

    Hi I have two domains on a virtual host that have been up and running for maybe two years, but mostly idle. I initially had this problem, and fixed it by setting up separate A records for both and www.m...
    2 By jonsidener DNS