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    How do I find my VPCs subnet range and what should my UFW rules be to allow traffic through to my DB server?

    I was following this tutorial on setting up a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): How to Configure a droplet as a gateway (http:// The droplet I...
    1 By jonVonBallstein Firewall MySQL Networking
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    How to use VPC to improve MySQL database security?

    I just watched the Digital Ocean webinar on VPCs on youTube ( I found it really interesting and I was wondering how to use this to improve security on a system I maintain for a local soci...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @jonVonBallstein, I think that a VPC would drastically improve your security if your webserver was also part of the same VPC so that way people would hit the webserver only and then the webserver would connec...
    1 By jonVonBallstein MySQL Java