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    Wordpress Plugin - Can't Create Directory

    Hi All, I have successfully installed Wordpress on my LAMP server, however, I can't seem to update plugins. I am getting the following error: Could not create directory Additionally, I have already placed the follow...
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    WP Super Cache - CentOS 7

    Hi Guys, I recently installed WP Super Cache flawlessly, however, today I noticed that I couldn't update Wordpress and my plugins automatically. Thus, I chown my "public_html" directory again with my username and the ...
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    Wordpress Permalinks - CentoOS 7

    After much research, I found the solution: sudo vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf Type this in /AllowOverride 3....
    By josefarrugia
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    Wordpress Permalinks - CentoOS 7

    Hi All, I can't seem to have permalinks working on my CentOS 7 environment. I have already created a .htaccess and I can see the Load Module commands done by Wordpress. I also have Mod_rewrite installed already. Add...
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    Can't access VPS via SFTP

    Hi All, I just installed CentOS and LAMP on my droplet following the getting started tutorial line by line. Unfortunately, I can't seem to upload files via both SFTP clients, FileZilla and Cyberduck. I have tried a ad...
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