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    Unable to access droplet console through website

    When I created my droplet I did it through setting up an SSH key. I'm trying to access the console thing through the website but it's asking me for a login and password, I tried using my DigitalOcean login info but th...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @jouo If you do not remember your login credentials for your droplet you can simply reset the root password from the control panel. You can follow this steps: Login to your control panel --> Click Droplets -->...
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    How to change SSH @IP to something else

    I'm currently login to my remote server by doing: ssh root@IP Is there a way to replace the IP part with something easy to remember? just so I don't have to type the whole IP all the time Thank you
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @jouo, What you could do is either to point your domain name to your Droplet and then you will be able to run ssh If you do not have a domain name you could edit your SSH config on ...
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    How can I add a new SSH to my server?

    I'm new to this, when I created my DigitalOcean "project" it allowed me to enter an SSH key, it works great! Now I want to add an SSH key for another computer, but I don't see an option anywhere for that :(
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @jouo You can follow out tutorial in order to generate a new ssh-key locally on your computer or any other PC and then upload it to your droplet:
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    Is there a command to move a file from my droplet to local?

    I've been using GitHub to move files between my droplet and my computer, which works fine. But I was wondering if there's a way through command line to move files from the droplet to my local machine. Thank you
    Accepted Answer: Hi @jouo, You can use either <^>rsync<^> or <^>scp<^> to move files from one place to another. Let's use <^>scp<^> for this example as it's simpler(in this case). You'll need to use it like so scp root@YourDropletIp:...
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    GitHub Student Pack

    Hello, excuse me I just saw the Digital Ocean benefit provided by the GitHub Student Developer pack (free $50) Upon registration it's prompting me to enter either my credit card info or my Paypal account. Will I be ch...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @jouo You need to enter a valid credit/debit card or make a deposit via PayPal in order to use the GitHub Student Pack. Keep in mind that this is needed in order to verify account and once done you will not be...
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