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    Ant media server configuration/provisioning

    It looks like it's easy to create a droplet that includes Ant Media server. I would like to know how to configure / provision that droplet. I'm trying to set up a livestreaming server for a local yoga studio. Expect...
    1 By jschauer Scaling Custom Images High Availability Getting Started
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    Move snapshot from one droplet to another existing droplet?

    What I'm trying to achieve is something like this: Take a snapshot of my droplet (which is doing production work at the moment) Use the snapshot to spin up a droplet. Do some development on the new, non-production dro...
    Accepted Answer: Yes. You can do this. It sounds like you have the process down but are just missing one piece. You can deploy any snapshot (as long as it exists in the same datacenter, you can copy a snapshot to new datacenters fr...
    2 By jschauer Development System Tools DigitalOcean CentOS