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    Virtual host problem

    Hello, I set the virtual host to point to / var / www / julio yesterday has a WordPress. When I type, it's going to I wish it were for the virtual host I set up, / var / www / julio Se...
    1 By Julinho Apache
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    Permissão de root para utro usuário SFTP

    Olá, Como eu dou permissão para um usuário com os mesmos privilégios de root? Estou tentando substituir o arquivo php.ini, mas está dando acesso negado. Pode me ajudar? Obrigado.
    Accepted Answer: Hello, You would need to make your user a sudo user. To do that you simply need to login as rood and run this command: usermod -aG sudo <^>username<^> Then you just need to put sudo in front of your command and your...
    1 By Julinho Apache Ubuntu 18.04
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    User permission on FTP

    Hi, I trying send the php.ini to my server, but I can't with my user. Error: Error: /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini: open for write: permission denied Error: File transfer failed How I give root permiss...
    1 By Julinho Apache Arch Linux Ubuntu 18.04