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    Exclude load balancer logs in Symfony 4.1

    Hello i have a route like this in symfony app for health checks in digital ocean load balancer: php /** * Status page. It is accessible only internally from within the network * * @Route("/status", nam...
    1 By Juri PHP Frameworks Load Balancing Logging
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    CS:GO 128tr Frankfurt 10 slots ?

    It finally runned without a problem - but i had use.... 8 cores droplet. It’s using them pretty heavly like 60-80%, but im using it…
    By Juri
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    CS:GO 128tr Frankfurt 10 slots ?

    Are your cpu so bad or its just normal for srcds that it using fully 4 cores(80-100% cpu) to manage playable 128 tr(with pretty medium var values). On 2 cores the var value was pretty high(most of time red). Is it ove...
    2 By Juri DigitalOcean Server Optimization Debian