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    Change default fail2ban settings

    I am trying to change the default behaviour of Fail2Ban and my changes don't seem to be reflected in what I am seeing in my bans. I followed multiple tutorials that are provided, but I am still confused on a couple of...
    0 By jus29 Security Ubuntu 16.04
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    Droplet Transfer Limits

    My droplet comes with a 2TB transfer limit. 1) Where can I track my droplet's current transfer use for the billing cycle? 2) Are we charged overages if we exceed this limit? I have seen a few posts here in the forum, ...
    Accepted Answer: Set up vnstat. The network connection to monitor varies from distribution to distribution. Note that 2T is a lot of data. If you really think you are going to get close to the limit, I would suggest looking for a proc...
    1 By jus29 Billing Ubuntu 16.04
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    SSH Asking for a password for certain commands

    Probably goes without saying, but I am new to DO and everything involved with it. I was setting up my first server and set up ssh and I can successfully ssh into my server. Perhaps I don't yet have a firm enough grasp...
    Accepted Answer: This question was answered by @newhosting2015: Hi quoid. What Nixola is saying is that yes, it is normal to have to enter a password every so often when executing commands such as the one you originally mentioned ( su...
    1 By jus29 Security Getting Started Linux Basics Ubuntu