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    how do I enable getimagesize and CURL?

    What's the CentOS server command to enable getimagesize and CURL? Or the command to check if they are enabled? I need these both enabled for a WordPress plugin I'm using.
    Accepted Answer: Hello, You can enable those PHP modules by running to following commands: yum install curl yum install php-curl Regarding the getimagesize function, I think that you need to enable allow_url_fopen in your php.ini fi...
    1 By justsomebaw CentOS PHP WordPress
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    Error establishing a database connection

    I get this error when trying to load my wordpress site, does this have anything to do with the BLR1 Networking Issue notice that I get when I log into digitalocean? "Error establishing a database connection" "The netw...
    2 By justsomebaw WordPress Ubuntu
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    ssh-copy-id question

    Trying to setup SSH keys so I can connect to my droplets files with filezilla. I should have done this during the droplet creation stage but didn't and now I have to do it manually. I'm using this tutorial: https://ww...
    1 By justsomebaw Quickstart Ubuntu 18.04
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    best method for multiple platforms on a droplet

    I used the digitalocean one click installer to setup Ubuntu WordPress on 18.04, it's working well. I want to keep WordPress as my landing page, but then install another application under a subdomain. I have googled th...
    2 By justsomebaw WordPress Kubernetes Nginx Apache Ubuntu 18.04
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    How to install multiple apps on one Droplet [Feature Request]

    I know this is an old thread, but has this feature ever been created on digitalocean?
    By justsomebaw