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    Digital Ocean Inc. Is spamming my website.

    From a separate post from two years back: ryanpq MOD April 7, 2015 If you are seeing visits where the ISP shows as DigitalO…
    By kaiserhase
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    Varnish + SSL + Multiple Sub-Domains on Apache

    So I run three separate Ghost blog/NodeJS websites. I currently use Apache, listening on port 80 and reverse proxy-ing to each specific NodeJS server. All of these rewrite to HTTPS, so no browsing the site with HTTP. ...
    1 By kaiserhase Apache Load Balancing Ubuntu
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    DreamHost registration/email on a DO hosted website

    My domain is through Dreamhost and I have it hosted on DO. Does anyone have experience setting up an email address on Dreamhost to forward to another email address? I set it up on Dreamhost and tried to email that add...
    2 By kaiserhase Email
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    Setting up Python/Django project to run

    Hey Guys, I've been digging around stackoverflow, DO, and reddit for an answer. Most of my attempts have failed. I am looking to run a Python/Django via either a subdomain or directory (which ever is easier). How do I...
    1 By kaiserhase Python Django Ubuntu