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    Trying, and failing, to get an SSL up on a wordpress droblet

    Started trying to get an SSL up on my latest wordpress project. I grabbed the 'Really Simple SSL' plugin on wordpress, and walked through it's steps. It asks me to set up an SSL on DO via the Settings - Security - Add...
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    WP complains of insecure php version, how can I resolve this?

    About a week ago I noticed my wordpress dashboard had a message about insecure php version being used. Said I needed to update. So I found a tutorial here in this 'forum's and upgraded from 7.0.3(i believe)to 7.4.7(I ...
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    How can I enable mycrypt PHP library for wordpress?

    So, I am switching to Digital Ocean today from Hostgator(please don't hurt me for using Hostgator in 2018) I am setting up a (relatively) short term site while I test Digital Ocean, and learn to work without cpanel. ...
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