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    Blank droplet - CPU spike every hour, Disk I/O spike

    Hi, I am new to DO. I have recently just set up a basic droplet for $5 and only have CentOS 8 installed. I have not even changed the root password yet, that's how fresh the droplet is. So upon checking the droplets gr...
    1 By Kay86 CentOS CentOS 8
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    Why CPU load average spikes every 1-1.5 hour?

    I am new to DO I have a basic $5 droplet in London region with nothing inside of it installed with just a basic CentOS. I haven’…
    By Kay86
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    CageFS (Cloud Linux) vs VPC - Both the same?

    So i had made an earlier post about installing CloudLinux and CageFS onto DO. Having just discovered DO's VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) aren't the two offering the same? Essentially VPC is what CageFS is? CageFS: https:...
    0 By Kay86 Apache Linux Commands VPN
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    CloudLinux / CageFS - Account Level Security - Does DO provide anything similar?

    I am looking to make the transition from cPanel hosting to DO, I have several client websites that are all placed in 'cages'. I have a few questions, I understand CloudLinux is not supported here on DO however I was w...
    1 By Kay86 Apache DigitalOcean