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    Daily backup plan to external providor

    Can someone advice me a decent backup plan that isn't THAT hard to set up ? I see the automatic image creation on DO is only weekly. It should be external also. Any experiences, advices, suggestions ? Thanks in adv...
    1 By kevindb1634fe89 Backups Ubuntu 16.04
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    Block storage concept

    The concept blockstorage is not so clear to me at the moment. I read the articles and it still doesn't answer my question. I have a particular scenario: a webapplication is growing month by month in storage capacity n...
    Accepted Answer: Block storage is introduced and best fit for scenario like yours. i think you missed this part. hopefully this will answer your particular question. How To Increase the Size of a DigitalOcean Block Storage Volume (htt...
    1 By kevindb1634fe89 Block Storage Ubuntu 16.04