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    Ubunutu + Dokku + Docker apt-get update issue

    I installed the dokku-apt plugin, which runs the command "apt-get update" in a deploy script. When running during the deploy process, this line results in the following error: Err: quantal/ma...
    3 By kkaliannan24
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    Rails not writing to production logs

    Okay I fixed the rails c problem, but the logs debacle still remains unfortunately. Do you know of any other alternatives for gener…
    By kkaliannan24
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    Rails not writing to production logs

    I followed the tutorial ( to get my rails app up and running with dokku. When I do: dokku l...
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    Dokku-shoreman: unable to find image /dokku locally

    Trying to deploy a Ruby on Rails app with dokku + docker. I accidentally deleted all containers and images on my server and now, I can't use dokku-shoreman to run a worker like I was before. When I try to run the post...
    1 By kkaliannan24