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    dockerizing MySQL with block storage?

    Hi there, I run a web development consulting agency, and we're planning to upgrade our database infrastructure for hosting managed sites for clients. Currently we have 1 MySQL database per client, but we would like to...
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    Help hosting multiple containerized applications on low-cost infrastructure.

    Hey friends, I'm running into an infrastructure problem, and I though you might have some fun ideas for it. Context Recently, I started a consulting agency which specializes in digital presence. We offer web developme...
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    subdomain from DO droplet to godaddy cpanel mail login

    If you could give us some more information about your current DNS setup that would be helpful. Typically in this scenario you wo…
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    Migrating to a Scalable Wordpress Solution

    TLDR; I want to manage and configure multiple LEMP stacks with Terraform and Chef/Ansible to host WordPress sites without losing the data when a droplet is destroyed. Here are the questions that I am looking to have a...
    Accepted Answer: (Some mistakes were made in this reply, see comments that follow it) Hello friend! That sounds like a lot of fun any way you spin it. I'm going to do my best to provide answers to what I can, and hope that others feel...
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    Any room for optimization/improvements?

    Hey all, I am creating a free Python script to help people generate LEMP stacks with wordpress for Digital Ocean droplets, and I was wondering if anybody could offer any suggestions for improving and/or optimizing the...
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