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    Slowly access to my website

    In fact, My colleague reinstall Apache+PHP (before we used LAMP) and now it seems OK…
    By kozher
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    Slowly access to my website

    Hello, I'm currently faced with slowly access to my website (Front Wordpress + Backoffice under Symfony2). Before migration online, it was OK. I use a 60GB SSD disk, currently used with 20GB (NB : when using a higher ...
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    Connected with SSH as root but ask for password

    Hello, Part of a team, I try to connect to a droplet. - I have added my SSH Key. I can connect as root but prompt ask me for password. My colleague (owner) does not have this issue. We tried disable the Password for R...
    Accepted Answer: Was your ssh key added to the droplet when it was created? If not, you will need to manually add your public key to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys before it can be used. Adding it to the control panel will make it avail...
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