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    How To Secure Nginx with NAXSI on Ubuntu 16.04

    You can greatly increase the security of your Nginx server by using a module like NAXSI. NAXSI (Nginx Anti XSS & SQL Injection) is a free, third-party Nginx module that provides web application firewall features. In t...
    By Kunal Relan Nginx Firewall Security Ubuntu 16.04 Open Source
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    How To Develop a Node.js TCP Server Application using PM2 and Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04

    In this tutorial, you'll build a basic Node.js TCP server, along with a client to test the server. You'll run your server as a background process using a powerful Node.js process manager called PM2. Then you'll config...
    By Kunal Relan Node.js JavaScript Nginx Ubuntu 16.04