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    Website showing NGINX default page

    I'm trying to install Wordpress on a LEMP Stack on CentOS 8, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong because it only shows the default page of NGINX Code on /etc/nginx/conf.d/wordpress.conf ``` upstream php { server...
    1 By kvny WordPress CentOS 8 Nginx
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    How to use SSL with domain mapping in multisite wordpress

    So, I have a multisite wordpress with two domains, I installed a SSL certificate on the second domain, but doesn't seem to work, how can I make this work?
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    How to have a multi-language site with two domains

    I bought two domains (one is '', the other is '.us') and I want to create a wordpress doplet with '' being the main domain and '.us' the english version of the website, how can I do this?
    1 By kvny WordPress