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    Console extremely slow to responde

    I'm running OSX 10.11.6 and when I try to access the console for one of my droplets I get an extremely slow response time, it could be up to 1 minute from the point I type something until it appears in the console. I ...
    6 By larynx1982 DigitalOcean FreeBSD
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    FreeBSD 11 default packages, can I remove them?

    I just spun up a FreeBSD 11 (no ZFS) droplet. When I run pkg info I get a long list of installed packages, a few of them have to do with X11 but I don't plan on using a GUI. Is there any reason to keep them around or ...
    Accepted Answer: Usually FreeBSD is installed with the very minimal set of packages required to have a working system. So, I strongly advise not to remove such packages, specially on a remote machine. In fact in your list there is rea...
    2 By larynx1982 Server Optimization FreeBSD