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    How to handle migrations in Django project in production (App Platform) ?

    I have been using the app platform for almost 2 months. Yesterday, I made some changes in database tables (models) in my Django projects. I pushed those changes to Github and my app successfully redeployed. But When I...
    1 By laviscoacc Django DigitalOcean App Platform Databases
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    How to resolve This (django) site can’t be reached with nginx, gunicorn, droplet ?

    I was following this tutorial for deploying my django project to digitalocean droplet []. But I hav...
    0 By laviscoacc Django Nginx DigitalOcean Droplets
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    How to configure droplet to use my existing Django project ?

    I have created a droplet. This droplet is all set up with Python, Django, and Postgres. Now I want this droplet to use my existing django project instead of dummy django project that is live on my droplet. How can I d...
    1 By laviscoacc DigitalOcean Droplets Django
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    How to clone Github Django project to my droplet ?

    I have followed the Django droplet creation steps and create a droplet successfully. Now, I want to put my Django project, that is on Github, live instead of that dummy project that is created on my droplet. I don't k...
    Accepted Answer: 1) ssh to your droplet 2) connect ssh to github `ls -la [before] root root .ssh Here .ssh is under the root so as the user (let's say user1) you don't have Permission run sudo chown -R user1:user1 /home/user1 chown ...
    1 By laviscoacc Django DigitalOcean Droplets