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    upgrading server from python2 to python 3

    I deployed a website over Django using Nginx, Gunicorn, and Django on an Ubuntu 16.04 droplet, par this tutorial (
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    apache test page shows up on non-apache server

    Hello everyone, I'm having a very peculiar problem right now. I've set up a Django server with Gunicorn and Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04. But for some reason, the test page for Apache shows up, even though I haven't installe...
    2 By leebr1 Nginx Apache Ubuntu 16.04
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    403 forbidden for big media files nginx

    I set up my Django server and it's been operating for a while now. I experienced this really weird bug where certain files (>1MB) get rejected by Nginx. error.log indicated the following as an example: 2017/06/27 01:0...
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    Django doesn't reflect changes made to in production

    I successfully got my Django application my server. However, I realized that I accidentally left DEBUG=True in my file. I tried setting DEBUG=False in the file, but the website won't reflect that change. I...
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