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    Error updating do-agent

    I'm trying to install the new version of the do-agent following the tutorial. first I remove the old do-agent package then I try to execute curl -sSL | sudo ...
    1 By leeppolis DigitalOcean
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    MySql container stuck at "Restarting..." on Dokku

    So, finally with the help from people from DigitalOcean I’ve been able to stop and destroy that faulty container. Here is what I…
    By leeppolis
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    MySql container stuck at "Restarting..." on Dokku

    Today I tried to create a new mySql database on my Dokku container using dokku mysql:create bookmarks The container has been created, but it seems it is unable to start. The command dokku mysql:list always shows...
    1 By leeppolis Dokku MySQL Ubuntu
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    $_POST variable empty on nginx

    Hi, I just created a LEMP droplet with the default configuration. I'm using a PHP application that redirects all the requests to the main /index.php and this script takes care of all the routing and includes the corre...
    4 By leeppolis Nginx LEMP Ubuntu
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    How to access apache error log in a Dokku PHP container

    I'm trying to configure my first Dokku container and I am a little bit confused. My PHP app that works perfectly on another server returns some error, but I don't know where I can find the error description. From my b...
    1 By leeppolis Dokku PHP Ubuntu