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    How To Install a Fresh Percona Server or Replace MySQL

    Percona Server is an open-source replacement for MySQL and MariaDB. This tutorial shows you how to replace an existing database installation, or start from scratch with Percona.
    By lemon MySQL CentOS Debian Ubuntu
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    Getting Started with LXC on an Ubuntu 13.04 VPS

    LXC, or Linux Containers, is a system built upon a number of features included in modern Linux kernels that allows for creation and management of many virtualized Linux systems on a single parent host system. However,...
    By lemon Miscellaneous Ubuntu
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    How To Install and Use Mosh on a VPS

    Mosh takes all the security benefits of SSH and builds upon it a greater tolerance to poor network conditions and roaming connections. It also increases responsiveness and lowers bandwidth usage by only communicating ...
    By lemon Miscellaneous Ubuntu Debian Fedora