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    Let's Encrypt for nginx in docker container (not compose)

    Hi guys I read this: (http://) Can you give me some tips on how to do this when nginx is run in docker container?...
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    Nginx reverse proxy Connection refused

    Hi guys I have spent hours trying to get two containers up & running correctly. Container 1: nginx reverse proxy Container 2: .net web api Docker commands: sudo docker network create --driver bridge tmpnetwork sudo d...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, As you've specified localhost/ in your Nginx container, it is trying to connect on that port to itself. Instead, as your containers are in the same network, you can specify the backend container nam...
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    Multiple .net core apps and gitlab runner in basic 5$

    Hi I need to setup hosting for a couple of .net core apps with db and an angular frontend app. Also need gitlab ci cd (setup runners). It seems that you can setup your own runners: Runners on DO (https://about.gitlab...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, Generally speaking, there are no restrictions on how many applications you could run on a single server, it would depend on how much RAM your .NET applications would require. For example, just roughly speak...
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    SSH for gitlab CI

    Hi I'm trying to setup gitlab CI. I need to understand how to install ssh to be able to copy files to the webserver. Im reading these two docs:
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