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    Is there any way to force redeploy on AppPlatform

    I've deployed a production version of my static application using manual deploy. However, my staging version which uses automatic deploy has features that the other don't, even if I redeploy de production version, whi...
    2 By leolleo DigitalOcean App Platform Node.js
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    Does App Platform runs npm install or yarn for you?

    My project has some dependencies, and I could not find out in the docs the answer. So I added a custom script like npm ci && npm run generate to my NuxtJS static site, but it is consuming more build time. If I do not ...
    Accepted Answer: 👋🏼 @leolleo If you have a package.json file and either a package-lock.json or a yarn.lock file in your repo, App Platform will install Node, NPM, and Yarn (if using yarn.lock). It will also run npm ci and cache the in...
    1 By leolleo DigitalOcean App Platform Vue.js
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    Terraform digitalocean_loadbalancer creating A record for root domain

    Hey all, I was reading the docs at and made a code for creating a load balancer, a couple servers, a mysql managed d...
    0 By leolleo Load Balancing Terraform API DigitalOcean API and CLI (doctl)