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    Service nginx restart fail

    After each modification in your nginx config file do : sudo nginx -t It will tell you if there are any error in config file. If…
    By leonardoassad
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    Help with Openvpn AS and IPv6

    Hello, Excuse me my bad english. I wish some help. I installed OpenVPN AS in my droplet and it is working normally. Now I wish to enable IPv6 but I am unable to do it. All information I had found is about normal ope...
    1 By leonardoassad
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    Limitation of new accounts ?

    Hello, Excuse me my bad english. After wasting three days trying to install a smtp server, only to be used by Wordpress, I discovered (after read an old message here in forum) D.O. put some limitation in new accounts...
    1 By leonardoassad