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    DigitalOcean monitoring triggered: CPU is running high

    I have been getting email alerts on one of my droplets: DigitalOcean monitoring triggered: CPU is running high CPU Utilization Percent is currently at 99.83%, above setting of 70.00% for the last 5m then I get CPU Ut...
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    Transfer files with scp - getting older files

    I am able to do scp from local to a specific directory. I just tried copying down an sql dump from my local. scp -r root@X.X.X.X:/home/userme ./ With this, it does download files, but I got a really old sql that I h...
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    Renewing certs that are not or no longer in use

    I received a notice from Let's Encrypt about certificate expiration notices for domains that are not on live sites, just ones that I was using to learn. Should I just not worry about those? I only have one site curren...
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    Point Domain to New Account with Droplet

    I set up an app on one account. My domain is now on that account, along with a records and mx records. I want the domain instead to point to a droplet on a different account. I found that dropping a domain that is alr...
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    "Error establishing database connection" in subdirectory

    I am following this tutorial for three WordPress sites: The first two were set up with no issues. The third, ...
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