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    How to protect server from getting spammed?

    I have a VPS on digital ocean and running wordpress website. My server always crushes down everyday because of attacks. I have Wordfence plugin installed on my site but it is not sufficient. I dont know how to solve t...
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    how to fix 502 gateway error

    hi my server was working properly and after a couple days i tried to open my web site today now i am getting 502 gateway error. what could be the problem? i have ubuntu 14.04
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    importing database to digitalocean

    hi i have a database downloaded on my computer i want to import that database into digital ocean but i cant do it there are tutorials explaining that but i am confused. can anyone explain ? What are the commands for ...
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    phpmyadmin installation error nginx on php7.0

    hi i followed this tutorial (http:// to install phpmyadmin but i think this tutorial is outdat...
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    Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using │ password: NO)

    Hi guys i have followed this tutorial to install ispconfig on my ubuntu 16.04 server link (http://
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    using control panel is must?

    hi guys i have been getting around for one week on digital ocean i learned basics but i have some problem with free control panels. they have not enough tutorial for everything set up and running. i always encounter ...
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