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    how to insert avi file to webpage

    Its not a big video its just a 5 second file made with blender, this is a learning curve for me, I understand different browse, dif…
    By lindu2
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    how to insert avi file to webpage

    I have installed LAMP using your tut but with great help from userbmichelsen I tried to play a avi file from my index page using the code:- <embed src="http://localhost/srv/http/file.avi"></embed> The play appears in ...
    1 By lindu2
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    HTTPD will not restart after installing PHP from LAMP tutorials

    Hi Guys please help, I followed the tut on How To Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack on Arch Linux everything went ok apart from after installing PHP, the install went ok but when I added the text below to...
    2 By lindu2