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    Adding public key to an existing droplet failed

    I created a droplet and selected the "ssh key" option, without actually generating the key pair. After the droplet was created, I think I need to add a public key I locally generated on my Linux machine to the droplet...
    2 By lingvisa DigitalOcean Getting Started CentOS
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    Insufficient memory for Java Runtime Environment

    Hello, I am testing deployment of a JEE application to a droplet with 512MB, and as I start the application server Wildfly (JBoss AS), I received this message: ``` 3:42:45,663 INFO javax.enterprise.resource.webcontai...
    5 By lingvisa Deployment Java
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    Suspicious secure log in log

    I just created my digitalocean account a few days ago, and I just found that there are a very big number of Root log in fail logged in my /var/log/secure. It shows 67374 lines in that file. For instance, I only logge...
    2 By lingvisa Logging Security