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    What security measures to take on the droplet?

    Hi, I've implemented these security measures on my new droplet as part of the basic setup: Enabled SSH keys Disabled root login Disallowed password authentication Restricted use of PAM Changed port number Limited user...
    1 By Linza Security Getting Started Ubuntu
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    Which is the best way to create multiple sites on Nginx/Ubuntu droplet?

    Hi, It would be a great help if you can guide me on this matter as I'm kinda stuck here and not able to move ahead to complete my server setup. I've completed the LEMP stack setup on my droplet. Now, I need to install...
    1 By Linza LEMP WordPress Ubuntu
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    Why do I see "Welcome to nginx on Debian!" when installing Nginx on Ubuntu?

    I followed the instructions here ( to install LEMP stack on Ubuntu 15.04, but on testing nginx in the br...
    2 By Linza LEMP Nginx Ubuntu