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    How to Protect wp-admin & wp-login ?

    Hi, My site is very popular, so there are haters who try to login by tying passwords on wp-login page. All I want to do is protect wp-admin & wp-login like this : So that, after passing ...
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    How to redirect droplet IP to Domain Name ?

    My droplet can be visited from both IP & Domain I am using Cloudflare with my Droplet. ( I want to redirect my ip to my domain I am using Wordpress (Linux on Ubuntu 14.04) ...
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    I can't type a password in the console

    Password you enter is not visible for security purposes *Just type in the password (it will not be visible but it enters) & pres…
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    Does the backup execution time cause the server downtime ?

    In my droplet history I found my backup execution time 2 days back was 1 hour 3 minutes 37 seconds I have a question that does the server goes off during backup execution or it causes downtime ?
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    How to increase SWAP file size in Ubuntu Linux 14.04 ?

    I have a droplet with 4 GB Memory with 8 GB SWAP file & I am getting about 23000 views on my blog , so my loading time of site is taking many seconds. Please can someone tell me how to increase SWAP file size ? Also p...
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    How to extract a file.7z file on the public folder ?

    I have uploaded my website to var/www/html in a compressed archive named file.7z but I don't know how to extract . Please tell me how to extract it .
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    How to Set Up Cloudflare SSL with Digitalocean Droplet ?

    I enabled SSL on Cloudflare. I have correctly configured the DNS. But when I visit my site with ssl ( & I get CSS Errors Also I want to completely move to https rather than http Please help me
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    Why I can't receive the password and ip address by email after I create a droplets? Please see the image , this issue is under investigation
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