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    Couldn't connect to remote sql on sequel Pro

    Hi, everything is working fine on my instance. However, when I connect to my-ip-address with 3306, I couldn't connect to sql server from Sequel Pro. mysql -u admin -h my-ip-address -p I can login with password, there ...
    1 By longsookeat MySQL
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    ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'XXX.XX.XX.XX' (110)

    I had setup another instance only for MySQL server. This is overall what I did to setup my remote access for MySQL: Configure ``` vi /etc/my.cnf [mysqld] bind-address=SQL-SERVER-IP skip-networking /etc/init.d/mysql r...
    8 By longsookeat MySQL Apache Firewall Ubuntu
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    Remote SQL server is not working

    I have two instances running in digital ocean. Instance #1: Running NodeJS MySQL grunt for web application. 'connection': { 'host': '`ip-address-for-instance-2`', 'user': 'root', 'password...
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    My hosting failed to send email from gmail

    I had contacted Digital Ocean about my gmail server. They said I must add the record on the domain side. I had add SPF google and the domain IP is my server IP. But I failed to send the gmail from my hosting server. ...
    1 By longsookeat Email DigitalOcean Ubuntu