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    Installing PhpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 16.04 LEMP

    Solved adding this on nginx configuration: location /phpmyadmin { root /usr/share/; index index.php; try_files $uri ...
    By LuigiMdg
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    Installing PhpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 16.04 LEMP

    Hi, I'm trying to install phpMyAdmin by SSH on Ubuntu 16.04 with LEMP.. I'm stopped on this string: sudo ln -s /usr/share/phpmyadmin /usr/share/nginx/html They take to me this error: ln: failed to create symbolic l...
    1 By LuigiMdg LEMP Ubuntu 16.04
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    Give FTP access

    Hello, I would like to know what the best solution would be for creating a web space where I can create folders (eg Company1), where my clients can connect via FTP. For example, Client1 can access FTP and see the file...
    1 By LuigiMdg LEMP