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    Do I need to hide my droplet IP addresses in YouTube videos?

    I know we don't want the IP directly exposed to the internet. But does it matter if humans know it? I can't find any comments on this.
    1 By lvincek Security Ubuntu 18.04
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    I'm not seeing a clear path to a simple email contact form for a static page. I have Ubuntu and Nginx, but not PHP or Wordpress installed.

    I have used the PHP scripts before on Godaddy. Trying to do something similar. Am I supposed to install PHP on my linux server? I keep seeing other apps like sendmail, postfix, etc. Although this page in particula...
    1 By lvincek Email Ubuntu
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    Can't get my basic page to load

    I have come to a complete dead end on getting my app to run. I was trying to use the following instructions:
    Accepted Answer: Hi @lvincek Did you remember to reload/restart Nginx after you made the changes? Because you should not be seeing the "Welcome to Nginx" with that configuration. Normally, it's a good idea to test configuration, then...
    1 By lvincek Deployment Nginx Ubuntu 16.04