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    Postfix Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server Information

    Hello everyone, I've just installed Sentora control panel and on the web interface, mail works perfectly. However, I have to add these mail accounts to my iPhone and I'm not sure which information I should write on th...
    1 By makzcan Email
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    The Most Convenient Mail Server

    Hello guys, I'm using $5 plan and I need a mail server. (LEMP installed on it.) What do you suggest for my configuration?
    1 By makzcan LEMP
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    Wordpress FTP Connection Problem

    Hello everyone, I installed Wordpress based on this tutorial ( I can't use One-click installation because my plan i...
    1 By makzcan LEMP Control Panels WordPress
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    Log in problem and minimum (or appropriate) plan to use Wordpress

    I’ve pasted the script, but the procedure isn’t same with one-click installation. What should I do then? Also, I don’t understand y…
    By makzcan
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    Log in problem and minimum (or appropriate) plan to use Wordpress

    I chose $5/month plan and installed Wordpress on my Droplet but I can't log in via ssh or browser directly with password provided by DO. In a tutorial, it is written that in order to use Wordpress, we must choose at l...
    2 By makzcan WordPress