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    DNS not resolve on my domain name

    I have problems of access to my domain, you can not resolve the DNS for my Droplet. Someone help me? I've added CNAME www -> @ Erro: Could not find the DNS address of the server
    Accepted Answer: DNS appears to be resolving for your domain now, both with and without "www". When you make DNS changes, it can take a few hours for the DNS changes to become active and propagate everywhere.
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    Setting up NGNIX to redirect from non-www to www

    Can anyone help me set-up the non- www to www redirection? I 've tried Several tutorials here and not works, my nginx is: server { listen 80; server_name; location / { proxy_pass MY_IP_SERVER:808...
    Accepted Answer: The recommended ( way to do this is: ``` server { listen 80; servername; return 301$requesturi; }...
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