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    Almost Every Day strange proceses taking up 90% of my cpu

    Almost every day I receive an alert email telling me that CPU is higher than 70% and always it's a weird and different process that I can not find any info, please help. Proceses names: * phpadYGh4xguep. user: www-da...
    Accepted Answer: Unfortunately this most likely indicates that your droplet has been compromised and malware is running on it either to attack other servers or with the CPU use here, possibly mining cryptocurrency. You should immediat...
    1 By masterinho52 Apache PHP Ubuntu
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    I have a process consuming 99% of my droplet's CPU called phpv4gWoI_xguep and phpadYGh4_xguep

    I could not find anything related to that processes: phpv4gWoIxguep or phpadYGh4xguep I noticed this because I created an alert of CPU running high.
    1 By masterinho52 Apache LAMP Stack Ubuntu