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    How to set droplet auto reboot when cpu usage above 90%

    Hi, i need help. My droplet's CPU usage sometimes go above 90% and stay like that. This make my website timeout. Is there any way to set auto reboot droplet when CPU usage go above 90%?
    Accepted Answer: Hi @mazelanrahman, You can write a script to check for your load and reboot your droplet however <^>I wouldn't recommend it<^>. If your CPU gets higher than 90 % it means two things, you either need to upgrade or some...
    1 By mazelanrahman Apache Applications Automated Setups Debian 10 Debian DigitalOcean
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    Monitoring graphs not working

    Today i noticed something wrong with monitoring graphs. The CPU usage is below 1%. and memory usage is below 2%. Yesterday last i check my CPU usage was above 25% and memory usage above 30%. Also the the graphs for di...
    1 By mazelanrahman Monitoring Ubuntu 16.04