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    How do I pass client IP in a Kubernetes Cluster to my NodeJS application?

    I have my website hosted on Kubernetes Cluster with a LoadBalancer and everything works as it should. I stumbled upon some documentation in how to get the visitor/client IP (
    1 By mazzespazze Kubernetes Load Balancing Node.js
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    How can I run a python script in the Droplet A from Droplet B?

    I currently have two Droplets that run Ubuntu 16. The first one, Droplet A, is the $5,00 super standard one where my website is built on. While Droplet B is the 80$ a month and has all the databases ready to be querie...
    1 By mazzespazze Python Ubuntu 16.04
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    How to go top 10 in google ?

    Sorry but can you phrase again your question with a correct and well spelled English? Anyway, if your question is the one of your t…
    By mazzespazze