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    kubernetes ingress problems, how can i solve this?

    I redid the tutorial and redid the ingress resource, this time when I created the ingress controller, it did pick up the correct IP…
    By meisterveda
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    kubernetes ingress problems, how can i solve this?

    Hello Everyone, I'm new around and learning Kubernetes as my next step in the world of the apps, I have created 2 simple apps, using the hashicorp/http-echo, one for an echo of apple and one for banana. Then I created...
    2 By meisterveda Kubernetes Load Balancing
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    pausing a kubernetes cluster like a droplet can be paused

    Is it possible to pause a kubernetes cluster instead of just destroying them and remaking them? I believe is a good option for testing without incurring on too many costs.
    Accepted Answer: Greetings! This is not currently possible. I may have a different view than others, but I've always seen containers as being at their best when they are expendable. For example, an app server that deploys from a git r...
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