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    How to setup (open source) server in Ubuntu 18.04

    Hi, I am willing to get some technical information and guidelines in order to set up "" (open source) system on my own Ubuntu 18.04 server. "" is a bug reporting server-side solution. I heard there i...
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    HTTPS error (SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP) - no common encryption algorithm(s)

    I have seen other similar questions but non addresses my problem. I have generated my TLS (openSSL) Self-Signed certificate, but seems not working on my NodeJS server. Instructions to generate SSL openssl req -newkey ...
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    Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s)

    I have tried your solution but I get same kind of problem:…
    By mhannan313
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    How to secure important credentials (used in Node.js application code) in separate side utility

    I have a special requirement, have gone through the site but have not found any matching my need. I want to secure: DB Connection Credentials Session Secret Key Security Token, Encryption/Decryption Keys 3rd Party API...
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    Docker Container Environment VS Non Docker Environment

    This is very interesting question for the professionals. Recently I have worked with Amazon Web Services (if someone of you knows about AWS cloud), I have created a cloud in AWS hosting two Availability Zones, and eac...
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    Setting up Internal Hosting server for NodeJS/React applications

    Well explained article. It helped me to understand a lot on the local/in-house server setup environments (where I need to setup all the hardware/software environment, to have a website up and running on our office res...
    Accepted Answer: I'll do my best to give some basic information on the questions you've shared. Please feel free to follow up and ask about any areas where more detail would be helpful: What are pros and corn of having *Linux *or *Wi...
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