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    How do I switch back to root user in Ubuntu 16.04?

    I have my SSH keys set up for logging into my droplet as root. I have a small Minecraft server under a separate user. Login as root SU to "minecraft" to make any changes to my server, or view settings. When I try to S...
    1 By MikeChops Miscellaneous Ubuntu 16.04
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    Does it matter which version of PHP I use?

    I have a WordPress server that I set up using server pilot, I see that I can change versions of PHP on the fly. What is the general difference between 5 and 7? And is it safe to switch versions while my server is runn...
    1 By MikeChops PHP Ubuntu 16.04
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    How do I enable msqli on my server?

    I'm trying to use a script, but I'm getting an error. Apparently the error is caused by not having "mysqli_connect" enabled. Could anybody offer any insight to correcting this? I tried using different versions of PHP ...
    1 By MikeChops PHP MySQL Ubuntu 16.04
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    Why isnt my cron job working?

    For some reason my cron entry isn't running at all. I'm trying to make a job that executes ZNC after reboots and crashes. The commands I tried: */10 * * * * /usr/local/bin/znc >/dev/null 2>&1 Also tried adding the us...
    3 By MikeChops Linux Commands Ubuntu 16.04