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    Review unused packages and safely remove from Ubuntu 20

    Hello, I am newish to server management and have noticed 'autoremove' notices when updating packages using the command line. I have run 'sudo apt autoremove' once or twice, but have noticed that some packages that are...
    1 By mikehermary Ubuntu 20.04
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    Importation of large database has wrecked MySQL on Ubuntu 20.04

    I tried importing a database weighing at 262 megabytes using mysql -u username -p databasename < sourcedatabasename.sql on my client's server. The import command failed to complete. I did not make any adjustments to t...
    1 By mikehermary Ubuntu 20.04 MySQL
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    Issues with CRON job executing on Ubuntu 20.04 with PHP 7.4 FPM

    I am having issues properly setting up the following CRON job to automate backups on my client's website. The site is Joomla-based and I am using Akeeba Backup to handle the backups. The recommendations for the comman...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, As the website uses PHP 7.4, I believe that it is best to run the cronjob with PHP 7.4 as well for consistency. To check if this /usr/bin/php7.4 is the correct path to the PHP 7.4 executable, you could run the ...
    1 By mikehermary Ubuntu 20.04 PHP Linux Commands
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    Correct user/group ownership and file permissions for Joomla and WordPress sites running on Ubuntu server

    I am migrating some Joomla and WordPress sites from shared hosting to Digital Ocean. The servers will be running Ubuntu with a LAMP stack. Each site will have the following permission requirements: * Allow the config...
    1 By mikehermary Apache Ubuntu 20.04 Linux Commands WordPress Joomla
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    How to deal with obsoleting packages messages when using check-update

    Hello, I regularly update the software running on my droplet and have noticed the do-agent.x86_64 packages coming up more numerously under the Obsoleting Packages heading. I have not been able to find any Q & A's that...
    1 By mikehermary CentOS CentOS 8 Nginx
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    Issues with SFTP access after using sudo find command

    Hello Alex, Thanks for the reply. When I connect to the server via SSH using sudo and use the following command **cd /var/www…
    By mikehermary
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    Issues with SFTP access after using sudo find command

    Hello, I ran the following commands yesterday to update the permissions on files and directories for my WordPress site and now I cannot connect to the parent directory ( - example directory name) using SSH or ...
    2 By mikehermary Ubuntu 20.04 Linux Commands
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    Public key has been denied

    The public key for my server was working until today. Now when I try connecting to my server using ssh -v, the following output is returned. OpenSSH_8.1p1, LibreSSL 2.7.3 debug1: Reading configurat...
    2 By mikehermary System Tools Initial Server Setup