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    Images won't show up on my website?

    Somehow it started working, think it was because I didnt update the css file properly and it still had the filename as sun.jpg inst…
    By Milkinson
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    Images won't show up on my website?

    I have my images in the same folder as my html files, and in the css it's formatted as background-image: url("sun.JPG") ; But for some reason it won't load on my website? Any help?
    2 By Milkinson
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    Get ssh key from linux machine to windows to use filezilla on windows?

    I created the ssh key on linux and would like to use it to access my server on windows using filezilla. Is this possible? Do I copy the idrsa and files from linux to windows (using usb)? If so, do I have to ...
    1 By Milkinson