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    Postfix can't send mails externally

    Hi everyone, I installed and configure on Ubuntu 16.04 droplet but it couldn't send email externally. I've tested this scenarios: - Send an internal emails, it works. - send an email from gmail or yahoo mail or other...
    3 By mimoswebmaster DigitalOcean Applications Security Ubuntu 16.04
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    What is the SLA for DigitalOcean's support team?

    Hi everyone, Would I like to know the SLA for the DigitalOcean's support team? I opened a ticket 5 days ago and I didn't receive any update about that for more than 4 days... I received just one feedback informing tha...
    1 By mimoswebmaster DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04
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    Postfix & SMTP Issues

    I’m getting the same issue, the cloud server doesn’t send emails to outside the domain. So I believe that it could be due this 40 …
    By mimoswebmaster